Be Very Careful How You Live
A Study of Ephesians 4-6  

Ephesians follows Apostle Paul's usual pattern: first Christian doctrine, then Christian behavior; first how God's love saves us, then how our lives please Him. Having considered Christian doctrine for some time, we now turn to Christian lifestyle. This class will examine Christian lifestyle that seeks to "make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil."

Teacher: Bob Scott

Servant Hearted Unity
1st Corinthians 1-9

Like many churches today, the Corinthian church was very gifted. They were intellectually sharp; some were financially blessed; they had talents and gifts from the Holy Spirit. Yet they were influenced by the culture around them and struggled with immaturity, divisions, jealousy, marital difficulties and a misuse of spiritual gifts. No other congregation in the New Testament had more issues of differing kinds. We will see how unity in the church flows from servant-hearted love for others.  

Teachers: Rev. Paul Toms and Steve Smoker

For our little ones, age 0 to 18 months.  Meets in the 'infantry,' just outside the gym.


New to Great Valley this year, the "One Room Schoolhouse" is bringing children up through 4th grade together, with an emphasis on learning to serve each other, while learning from God's Word.  The format will include a bit of class time in an all-together format, followed by individual age groups breaking out for specific age-based teaching.   The ages included are:

    - Rompers:  18 months to 3 years old.

    - Primary:  4, 5, and 6 year olds

    - Jr. Dept.:  2nd through 4th grade

This class will meet in the NE corner classroom (previously the Jr. Dept. room) of the downstairs. 

The Book of Job

In a single day Job’s life was turned upside down. While Job’s experience is far from ours in the specifics, in general terms we will all face times when we ask the question “Why?” The book of Job has been a place to which people have turned in the face of suffering, for it too raises those questions for us; yet at the same time it seeks to build in us a trust in God that weathers all circumstances of life. 

Teacher: Pastor Keith Fink

Middle School Class (5th through 8th grades) continues this Fall, with your same quality teachers (White, White, Elken, Shack)!  We'll be studying God's Grace ... yea, His Awesome Grace! 

Where? In the same room (directly under the Chapel downstairs. 


Senior High Class (9th through 12th grades) continues this Fall with your same quality teachers (Palmer, Wert, White, Shack)!  We'll be studying Philippians (we'll even reflect a bit on that awesome sermon series of this past Spring), always desiring to make it current to those high-peer-pressure Sr. High years.

Where? In the Senior High Room - go downstairs and keep walking toward the Preschool... you'll find the Senior High hangout spot easy enough