August 06th - "An Endangered Species?" - Rev. Paul Toms
July 30th - "And Can It Be: That We Are Co-Heirs with Christ?" - Pastor Fink
July 16th - "Where Would Jesus Text? Being iPresent In An iElsewhere World" - Greg Porter
July 09th - "And Can It Be: That The Spirit Lives In Me" - Pastor Fink
June 25th - "Come and See What God Has Done!" - Pastor Fink
June 25th - "Come and See What God Has Done!" - Pastor Fink
July 02nd - "And Can It Be: That There is No Condemnation!" - Pastor Fink
June 18th - "Keeping a Fixed Point in View" - Jim Shackleton
June 11st - "Wisdom for a Wacky World: A Way That SEEMS Right" - Pastor Fink
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May 21st - "Our Father's Presence" - Rev. Paul Toms
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April 09th - "A Week Like None Other- Friday: Secret Agents No More" - Pastor Fink
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March 19th - "A Week Like None Other-Tuesday: God's Patience Misinterpreted" - Pastor Fink
February 12th - "Wisdom for a Wacky World: Bitter Sweet Honey" - Pastor Fink
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February 5th - "A Peculiar People: Who are Equipped to Live Peculiarly" - Pastor Fink
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January 22nd - "A Peculiar People: Who Share in Christ's Sufferings" - Pastor Fink
January 08th - "A Peculiar People- Equipped to Live in an Unbelieving World" - Pastor Fink
January 1st - "A Peculiar People: Living in Christ's Victory" - Pastor Fink
December 18th - "Come Lord Jesus: He Came to Give Us Life" - Pastor Fink
December 11th - Advent Message - Pastor Toms
December 4th - "Come Lord Jesus: He Came to Testify to the Truth" - Pastor Fink
November 27th - "Come Lord Jesus: He Came to Fulfill the Law and the Prophets" - Pastor Fink
November 20th - "A Peculiar People: Who Are Unlike Others" - Pastor Fink
November 13th - "A Peculiar People: Who Are Heirs Together"- Pastor Fink
October 30th - "A Peculiar People: Who are Strangers in this World" - Pastor Fink
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October 16th - "May the People Praise You" - Pastor Fink
October 9th - "A Peculiar People: Marked by a Peculiar Love and Longing" - Jim Shackelton
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September 18th - "God's Work and Ours - Together!" - Greg Aikins
September 11th - "A Peculiar People: Born to a Living Hope" - Pastor Fink
September 4th - "A Peculiar People: With an Identity found in Christ" - Pastor Fink
August 28th - "Jonah-Reluctant Servant of a Relentless God: A Concern for the City" - Pastor Fink
August 21st - "Jonah-Reluctant Servant of a Relentless God: Outlandish Grace" - Jim Shackelton
August 14th - "Jonah-Reluctant Servant of a Relentless God: Salvation Comes from the Lord" - Pastor Fink
August 7th - "Jonah-Reluctant Servant of a Relentless God: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide" - Pastor Fink
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June 19th - "To Live is Christ: The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength"
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